10 Best Tools for Freelance Writers

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People these days want to read material that is one-of-a-kind, tells tales, amuses, solves problems, and generates knowledge. As a result, businesses, advertisers, writers, and authors are continuously working to create useful material for readers.

Writers must provide high-quality, interesting material that people will enjoy reading and sharing. You can do this by using some of the best tools for freelance writers available. They make your job easier by assisting you in writing well-researched, straightforward, clearly written, and engaging material.

Using the tools for writing will help you develop content that is clear, precise, and to the point. Readers don’t like to go through content that is redundant, fluffy, and repetitive. Make a habit of using some of the following tools, and you will be amazed at how accurate and readable your content is.

What Are the Best Tools for Freelance Writers?

  • Surfer
  • TweetDis
  • ProWitingAid
  • Readable
  • Copyscape
  • WordCounter
  • Power Thesaurus
  • Hemmingway
  • TextExpander
  • ZenPen


Surfer’s Content Editor is among the best tools for freelance writers who want to create SEO-friendly material. The active editor monitors your work’s word count, keyword density, legibility, and headings as you type.

It can analyze 500+ data points in a single scan and compare your content to genuine competitors. You’ll be able to develop material that outdoes the competitors in browsers and attracts many unique visitors this way.

To utilize the tool, you won’t have to move windows or duplicate lengthy material. Simply link your content file to the program, write your target term, and keep track of your progress in a handy side panel. The program assigns a Material Score to every line you write, allowing you to quickly measure the integrity of your content.


This tool allows you to insert attractive text bubbles onto your content or emphasize specific content to attract readers to tweet. As a result, your tweets will attract more response and attention on Twitter. You may also select a box style to make it go in with the rest of your blog’s style.


ProWritingAid is an AI-powered content authoring tool that can help you improve your writing skills. ProWritingAid, similar to the grammar checker we use, lets you detect and fix annoying grammar and spelling errors.

It helps you enhance the readability, creativity, language, and tone of your writing, making it more convincing and entertaining for the audience. There are 20 reports in ProWritingAid that work on specific parts of your writing. It also includes articles, videos, and quizzes to make the editing process more enjoyable, engaging, and informative.


Were you aware that the average adult in the United States can read at a 7th to 8th-grade level? To optimize readership, you must maintain your blog content inside that readability range.

WebpageFX’s writing tool lets you evaluate the readability of your blog article. You could either upload the complete text or paste the URL of your posted blog articles.

Readable will assist you in determining how understandable your blog article is so that you may fine-tune it for better readability. It helps in determining the readability of anything you’re sharing on social networking sites.


Copyscape is also one of the best tools for freelance writers who want to make sure their material is plagiarism-free. Plagiarism is among the most serious breaches a content producer can make, and you should do all possible to avoid getting into this error. Plagiarism might result in Google penalties as well.

This program analyses your material and looks for connections with other material on the internet. You can quickly make your material absolutely unique and gain the rewards of it by doing so.


Every blogger has a collection of preferred phrases that they seem to repeat at times. The excellent writing tool allows you to detect the terms that appear most commonly in your material.

This tool may help you find and remove repeated words from your text and improve it to meet the highest grade requirements. It makes it easier for you to write material for social media sharing.

Power Thesaurus

Occasionally you try to convey something but can’t think of the proper phrase. In such cases, this best tool for writers will do wonders for you.

When you are using Power Thesaurus to look up a term, it gives you a lot of relevant material. With relevant examples, you can search for opposites, phrases, and meaning.

This can help you improve your writings and expand your writing knowledge. You can also list if you want a noun, an idiom, or a verb.


It’s not simply about having buzz words and displaying your extensive vocabulary when it comes to writing. It’s your job to create your text readable and understandable.

Hemmingway will assist you in this endeavor by highlighting complicated words and suggesting alternate terms for larger words, among other things.


TextExpander is a fantastic content creation tool that will increase your work efficiency on a daily basis. It lets you type and right away enter fragments like email addresses and photos.

You may conserve a huge amount of time and avoid mistakes like spelling and copy/paste.

It also lets you ensure integrity by allowing your team to exchange signatures and summaries. The tool’s techniques can help you increase productivity by allowing you to type more efficiently.


It is yet another best writing tool for avoiding interruptions. It creates a simple writing environment in which you may concentrate solely on writing.

Fundamental styling choices like bold, italics, links, and quotations are also supported. It also allows you to create simple and unique content for sharing on social media.


Ilys is one of the more peculiar internet content writing tools. It forces you to turn off your inner editor and concentrate solely on the creative aspect for a short period. Such strategies might assist you in bringing out your naturally creative writer and producing excellent articles.

It asks you how many characters you wish to write and has a very simple layout. All you have to do with Ilys is create. You won’t be able to return, change, or even see what you’ve written unless you’ve reached your word count objective.

After you’ve finished writing, you can make any changes you like to your article. Separating the writing and editing stages can help you increase the value of your material and write quicker.


The ten tools mentioned above are not by any means the be-all-end-all best tools for freelance writers. You’re free to discover from the plethora of different writing tools available on the market and choose for yourself. This article only intends to give you an idea of all the different tools out there and how they can increase your creativity, productivity, and articulacy by scores!

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