About Us

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. – Ludwig Wittgenstein

Writers’ Order is a fraternity of seasoned writers helping ambitious linguists develop prowess over the written word. We believe learning and growing is a never-ending process for not just writers, but anyone who dreams big.

As we continue to expand this platform, our aspirations remain fixed on helping you expand the limits of your language, and the limits of your world. Along with the precious educational resources available on our blog, we offer a few other amazing options growing writers and businesses can benefit from.

The Quill and the Inkpot

The Quill and the Inkpot
Writers’ Order Emblem

The universal symbols for literature, learning and command, the quill and the inkpot have been chosen as the emblem for Writers’ Order for their profound symbolism.

Although the writing stationery has subsided from common use today, the pair has been the standard writing instrument for more than 1200 years. Join us on our journey to pay tribute to all the quills and ink across the world; join us to celebrate the joy of writing.