Top 7 Executive Resume Writing Services

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In today’s highly competitive job market, distinguishing yourself as an executive candidate goes beyond having an impressive track record and notable achievements. It requires a compelling and meticulously crafted resume that effectively showcases your professional journey, emphasizing your unique strengths and leadership abilities. 

This is where the finest executive resume writing services come into play, providing a pathway to unlock your full potential and advance your career to extra levels. These services combine their expertise, guidance, and unwavering dedication to excellence to create resumes that captivate the attention of top recruiters while setting you apart from the competition. 

Through skillful storytelling techniques, strategic keyword optimization, and flawless formatting, they ensure your resume stands out in a sea of applicants. Join us as we introduce you to the elite realm of top-tier executive resume writing services that can assist you in securing your dream role and paving the way for ongoing success.

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7 Best Executive Resume Writing Services

  • Super Star Resume – Best Executive Resume Writing Service Overall
  • ZipJob – Best Executive Resume Writing Service for Guarantees
  • TopResume – Best Executive Resume Writing Service for Customer Service
  • Resumeble – Best Executive Resume Writing Service With Custom Bundles
  • Let’s Eat, Grandma – Best for Range of Career Service
  • ResumeSpice – Best for Job Seekers of Any Level
  • Craft Resumes – Best for Quick-Turnaround

In creating this compilation, we assessed several elements such as expenses, ease of use, accessibility, privacy regulations, and additional factors. The leading services offer suggestions, templates, and even the option to consult with experts who can help you craft an engaging resume that effectively showcases your qualifications to potential employers.

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Super Star Resume – Best Resume Writing Service Overall

Star Rating: 4.9/5

Super Star Resume is widely recognized as the leading service for writing executive resumes, offering outstanding outcomes and personalized care. Their team of skilled writers possesses a deep understanding of the executive landscape, enabling them to create resumes that effectively showcase your unique leadership style and accomplishments. 

Going beyond the standard practice of simply listing achievements, Super Star Resume focuses on storytelling and strategic insights to craft compelling narratives that leave a lasting impact on hiring managers.

Besides their exceptional writing abilities, they provide convenient communication channels and place a priority on maintaining confidentiality. With an impressive track record of helping executives secure top-tier positions, you can trust Super Star Resume to elevate your executive profile and propel your career to new heights.

Pros of Super Star Resume:

  • Expert and seasoned writers
  • Swift resume delivery
  • Tailored approach aligning with unique career goals

Cons of Super Star Resume:

  • Slightly higher cost than some competitors
  • Availability may vary by demand and location
  • Limited supplementary services


Super Star Resume provides clients with three pricing choices for their services. The first option is the Professional Resume package, which has a price of $129. This package guarantees a professionally written resume customized to meet the client’s specific requirements. 

Its goal is to showcase the client’s skills and experiences in order to attract potential employers. The second option available is the Resume + Cover Letter package, which can be purchased for $149.

For executives who are looking for executive resume writing services, Super Star Resume offers an All-included Package priced at $199. This particular package covers every aspect of creating an outstanding resume. 

It includes extensive consultations, an interesting cover letter, optimization of my LinkedIn profile, as well as a dedicated professional consultation session. By taking this all-inclusive approach, Super Star Resume equips executives with all the tools they need in their job search journey. 

With these resources at hand, executives can confidently stand out from other candidates and significantly improve their chances of securing their desired executive role position.

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ZipJob – Best for ATS Software

Star Rating: 4.7/5

In 2017, Michael Krikheli founded ZipJob as a solution to the problem of automated resume screeners rejecting resumes, which can harm job seekers’ prospects. Known as the leading choice for ATS software, ZipJob’s focus is on developing resumes that are optimized with relevant keywords to increase the chances of securing interviews.

To use ZipJob’s services, users have two options: they can either upload their current resumes or answer a series of questions to create one from scratch. Once this step is completed, each client is assigned their own dedicated writer who works closely with them throughout the entire process. 

The writer ensures that the final resume is well-formatted and effectively showcases the client’s skills and career goals. Regular communication between parties guarantees clarity and accuracy in every aspect of the resume creation process.

Pros of ZipJob:

  • Includes free ATS check
  • Affordable base package
  • 60-day interview guarantee with higher-tier packages

Cons of ZipJob:

  • Challenging resume design and format
  • Lengthy, cliché-filled summary paragraph
  • Inadequately formatted education and training sections


ZipJob provides job seekers with comprehensive packages to meet their needs. The Launch Package, priced at $139 or $48 per month, offers clients a professionally written resume, ATS optimization for increased visibility in hiring systems, and direct communication with a writer for personalized help. 

For more extensive support, the Fast Track Package is available for $189 or $65 per month. This package includes a professionally crafted cover letter that complements the resume.

For executives looking to significantly impact their career advancement, ZipJob offers the Premium Package. Priced at $299 (or monthly installments of $27), this package is tailored to executive-level requirements. 

It includes personalized one-on-one sessions with highly skilled executive resume writers who have a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in leadership roles. Together with clients, these writers collaborate closely to create compelling resumes that showcase their leadership skills, achievements, and strategic vision.

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TopResume – Best Customer Service

Star Rating: 3.6/5

Established in 2014, TopResume is renowned for its exceptional customer service in resume writing. With a vast network of over 1,200 professionals including writers, career coaches, recruiters, and hiring experts spanning across 65 industries, they offer unparalleled expertise. 

One standout feature is their complimentary resume review service which provides valuable feedback on resumes. In the rare instance that a created resume fails to generate double the number of job interviews as expected, TopResume offers a free rewrite.

TopResume’s approach sets them apart from their competitors by combining the skills of their experienced writers with input from advanced resume-scanning software. 

This ensures that resumes meet both human and automated filters effectively. Certified resume writers collaborate closely with clients throughout the process to deliver an initial draft within one week followed by two rounds of revisions.

On average, the entire process takes approximately one to two weeks ensuring timely delivery without compromising quality. As an added benefit for users seeking improvement on their existing resumes, TopResume allows submission for a free review along with personalized recommendations for enhancement.

In case the rewritten resume doesn’t yield double interview opportunities within 60 days following completion, TopResume provides further revision options to rectify any shortcomings.

Pros of TopResume

  • Straightforward signup
  • Rapid response
  • Engaged resume writer with clear communication
  • Affordable ($149 for the base package)

Cons of TopResume

  • Lengthy Summary and Job Scope sections
  • Insufficient emphasis on the Training section


The Starter Package from TopResume, priced at $149 or $14 per month with Affirm, offers a professionally written resume optimized with keywords. This package helps individuals distinguish themselves in their industry and successfully pass ATS screenings. 

For those seeking more comprehensive help, the Premium Package is available for $219 or $20 per month with Affirm. It includes a professionally written resume, a cover letter, and optimized formatting. Customers who choose this package also receive a 60-day interview guarantee to ensure their satisfaction.

For job seekers looking for the most comprehensive solution, the Ultimate Package is an Executive Priority offering priced at $349 or affordable monthly installments starting at $32 with Affirm. This all-inclusive package provides everything needed to excel in the job search process. 

It includes a professionally crafted resume, a well-written cover letter, and a complete makeover of your LinkedIn profile. The documents included in this package are handled by highly skilled executive writers who rank within the top 10% of our network. Their expertise guarantees quality and effectiveness.

Besides attention-grabbing formatting and strategic keyword optimization found across all packages offered by TopResume, customers who choose the Ultimate Package also receive a persuasive cover letter and benefit from our 60-day interview guarantee policy.

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Resumeble – Best Resume Writing Service With Custom Bundles

Star Rating: 4.3/5

Resumeble is a standout in the resume writing market, even though they only have a team of six professional resume writers. Resumeble has achieved impressive results and maintains high levels of customer satisfaction, competing with larger resume-writing services. 

They have received an outstanding 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot and garnered 140 positive reviews, demonstrating their consistent delivery of exceptional service.

Resumeble offers a comprehensive range of services that includes resume writing, CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile writing. They also adhere to industry standards by providing a 60-day interview guarantee alongside their offerings.

Pros of Resumeble

  • Affordable packages
  • 60-day interview guarantee

Cons of Resumeble

  • Less established compared to others


Resumeble provides a range of professional resume writing services with three different packages to choose from. The first package is called Career Pro and is priced at $159. It includes a professionally written resume, cover letter, three revisions free of charge, a consultation with the writer, an interview how-to manual, an interview guarantee, and a LinkedIn profile makeover. This package is ideal for junior to mid-level professionals and individuals who have employment gaps or are reentering the workforce.

The second package offered by Resumeble is called Professional and costs $299.00. It includes all the features of the Career Pro package but also offers unlimited revisions. This package is specifically designed for mid- to senior-level professionals, career changers, and those seeking career advancement.

There’s Resumeble’s Premium package, which provides executive resume writing services. Priced at $399 with unlimited revisions included in the cost, this package offers personalized consultations with experts in resume writing who will optimize your keywords and format your resume professionally. The focus is on highlighting your achievements and quantifiable results while optimizing your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact besides providing you with a well-crafted cover letter.

With Resumeble’s Premium package at their disposal, executives will possess a powerful tool that enables them to stand out in today’s highly competitive job market while making a lasting impression on potential employers.

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Let’s Eat, Grandma – Best for Range of Career Service

Star Rating: 4/5

Entering the professional resume-writing industry in 2014, Let’s Eat, Grandma offers a unique combination of career guidance and premium resume-writing services. 

Their focus on exceptional customer service is evident from the start, as they begin with a thorough pre-consultation survey to fully understand your work experience and skills. The writers at Let’s Eat, Grandma are meticulous and professional, ensuring that every detail is carefully attended to.

Note that all of Let’s Eat, Grandma’s resume writing packages include a cover letter. However, if you only need a resume and don’t want to pay for a cover letter separately, you may find better value elsewhere. 

Let’s Eat, Grandma consistently delivers high-quality and comprehensive products. Although their prices may be higher than their competitors in the market, the quality of their work justifies the investment made by clients who choose them.

Pros of Let’s Eat, Grandma

  • Free resume analysis
  • Range from entry-level to executive
  • Highly collaborative

Cons of Let’s Eat, Grandma

  • Higher cost than competitors
  • Potentially longer turnaround time
  • No academic CVs or federal resumes


Let’s Eat, Grandma offers a range of resume and career services packages. The initial option is the Starter Package, which is priced at $439

This package includes a personalized resume, a cover letter, a digital guide for cold emails and thank-you notes, a rewrite of your LinkedIn profile, a 30-minute consultation session, and two revisions within seven days.

As an upgrade to the Starter Package, there’s the Accelerated Package available for $ $549. In addition to all the features offered in the Starter Package, this package also includes engaging stories incorporated into your cover letter and networking advice.

For those seeking even more comprehensive help with their resumes and careers, there’s the Premium Package. Currently priced at $614 (reduced from its usual price of $689), this package includes everything provided in the Starter and Accelerated Packages. It incorporates enhancements such as another LinkedIn profile rewrite session along with additional opportunities for revision within seven days. 

It also provides you with an accompanying digital guide on crafting effective cold emails and thank-you notes.

At Let’s Eat, Grandma we understand every individual has unique needs when it comes to their professional endeavors. That’s why we offer these various packages tailored to meet different requirements while providing exceptional value throughout our range of services.

The Executive Concierge Service is a custom-made offering that caters specifically to executives and professionals in high-level positions. It encompasses all the features of the Premium Package, while also providing additional exclusive benefits.

With a price tag of $1,899 or the option to make monthly installments as low as $119, this package is perfectly tailored for individuals in senior leadership roles.

Let’s Eat, Grandma provides personalized documents that are specially crafted for executives and grants them access to a dedicated writer and representative. It quadruples the time they get to spend conversing with the writer. It includes a 60-minute session of executive career coaching and allows for unlimited revisions over ten days.

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ResumeSpice – Best for Job Seekers of Any Level

Star Rating: 3.8/5

ResumeSpice is a highly respected service that specializes in resume writing and career coaching. It was established by recruiters who possess extensive industry knowledge, giving them insight into what HR personnel, talent acquisition specialists, and hiring managers look for in a resume. 

Their services are available to job seekers across various industries, roles, and career levels including C-suite positions, upper management roles, and high-paying jobs. 

One of the key strengths of ResumeSpice is their ability to provide high-quality resumes quickly. They guarantee that clients will receive the first draft within two business days after the initial phone consultation. To ensure accuracy and professionalism, every resume undergoes a thorough review by at least two experts before being finalized.

The team at ResumeSpice understands the importance of optimizing resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). They use effective formatting techniques and present credentials that capture attention. This attention to detail has earned them an excellent reputation among job seekers.

ResumeSpice’s success can be measured by its track record of helping clients secure positions at top organizations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Nike. Besides executive resume writing services, they also offer supplementary services such as cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, interview preparation, and career coaching. This makes ResumeSpice a one-stop resource for all aspects of career advancement.

Pros of ResumeSpice

  • ATS optimization
  • Extra help 
  • Interview guarantee
  • Prompt service

Cons of ResumeSpice

  • Limited customization
  • Restrictive refund policy
  • Few revisions available


ResumeSpice provides a range of executive resume writing services, offering three different packages to suit various levels of experience. The Entry Level Resume package is specifically tailored for individuals with 0-2 years of experience and is priced at $479.

This package includes a phone consultation, an attention-grabbing resume format, keyword optimization, the delivery of a personalized draft within two days, revisions based on feedback received, and the final resume in both Word and PDF formats. 

For those with 2+ years of experience, ResumeSpice offers the Professional Resume package priced at $589. This package provides similar features to the Entry Level option while catering to a more experienced audience. Both packages also come with the added benefit of the ResumeSpice 60-Day Interview Guarantee.

The Executive Resume package is designed for individuals aiming for C-level or executive positions that offer salaries exceeding $125K. 

Priced at $699, this package includes a phone consultation with one of our professional resume experts who will guide you through crafting an effective executive-level resume.

This premium package incorporates proven formatting techniques and keyword optimization strategies to ensure your application stands out amongst others. You’ll receive your personalized draft within two business days and have access to revisions as needed before obtaining your final version in Word and PDF formats.

Like all other packages provided by ResumeSpice, this Executive option also comes with our exclusive 60-Day Interview Guarantee which shows our commitment to helping clients secure job interviews.

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Craft Resumes – Best for Quick-Turnaround

Star Rating: 3/5

Craft Resumes is a professional writing and editing service that specializes in providing efficient solutions for individuals who need their resumes done quickly. In just one day, they deliver the initial version of your resume. 

Their website is user-friendly and simple to navigate. Craft Resumes tailors each resume to fit your unique experiences and career objectives. 

Besides their main executive resume services, they also offer supplementary options such as LinkedIn profile creation, thank-you letter, and follow-up letters, ensuring that they have all the tools needed to support you throughout your job search journey.

Pros of Craft Resumes

  • Fast delivery
  • Intuitive website
  • Customized resumes

Cons of Craft Resumes

  • Scant details
  • Absence of assurances


Craft Resumes presents a variety of resume-writing options tailored to meet different requirements. The Resume or CV Package, which costs $229.00, offers the expertise of a dedicated writer, unlimited revisions, and an attention-grabbing resume optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 

The Basic Package, priced at $279.99, encompasses all the attributes found in the Resume or CV Package along with a professionally composed cover letter to enhance chances of securing interviews. Taking it up another notch is the Optimal Package at $339.99 which not only includes all features from previous packages but also provides a LinkedIn profile makeover to improve online visibility.

For professionals in executive positions seeking comprehensive assistance, Craft Resumes offers the All-in-One Package priced at $499.99. This package includes everything featured in the Optimal Package and career coaching services and round-the-clock support. It extends its services with thank-you letter composition for clients’ convenience.

The primary goal of Craft Resumes is to offer holistic solutions that assist individuals throughout their job search journey by providing them with top-notch services tailored to their needs and aspirations

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Our Ranking Methodology for Best Executive Resume Writing Services

Selecting a top-notch resume writing service is of utmost importance when creating an impressive executive resume. The step-by-step process described here’s a systematic method that we employed to pinpoint and choose the finest executive resume-writing services. 

This approach aims to assist you in making a knowledgeable decision that aligns with your career objectives as an executive and enhances your likelihood of obtaining highly sought-after job prospects.

  • Evaluate Expertise and Experience: Thoroughly scrutinize the expertise and experience offered by each potential executive resume writing service. Seek out providers with a demonstrated history of excellence in curating resumes tailored for executive-level professionals. Key factors to weigh include their duration of operation, specialization in executive resume crafting, and any industry accolades or certifications they may hold.
  • Review Sample Resumes: Request and review sample resumes supplied by the executive resume writing services under consideration. Scrutinize the caliber of their work, encompassing aspects like formatting, writing style, and the overall resonance of the resumes. Keep an eye out for resumes that adeptly accentuate executive-level accomplishments while showcasing the candidates’ distinct value propositions.
  • Consider Customization and Personalization: The art of executive resumes lies in their ability to be customized to individual career trajectories and objectives. Gauge the extent of customization and personalization offered by each service provider. A commendable executive resume writing service invests the time to comprehend your unique background, achievements, and career aspirations, ensuring the creation of a bespoke resume that stands out.
  • Assess Communication and Collaboration: Effective communication and collaboration between the resume writer and the client form the bedrock of a triumphant executive resume. Deliberate on the service provider’s approach to consultations and feedback. Look for providers offering avenues for phone consultations or interviews, as these facilitate the gathering of pertinent information and promote collaborative involvement during the resume-crafting process.
  • Check for Additional Services: Executive resume writing services often extend supplementary services that can elevate the overall job search journey. Evaluate whether the service provider extends offerings such as LinkedIn profile optimization, cover letter composition, interview coaching, or career counseling. These augmentative services can enhance your executive job search significantly.
  • Consider Pricing and Guarantees: Engage in a price comparison across executive resume writing services and gauge the value for money. While cost shouldn’t standalone as the deciding criterion, ensure that the pricing structure aligns with the level of service and expertise provided. Scrutinize whether the service provider offers guarantees such as satisfaction assurances or interview commitments, which underscore their faith in their work.
  • Seek Recommendations and Testimonials: Harness the power of recommendations from trusted colleagues, industry experts, or mentors who have harnessed executive resume writing services. Their insights and firsthand experiences can furnish invaluable guidance in selecting the optimal service provider. Delve into testimonials and reviews from prior clients to glean insights into the service provider’s reputation and the satisfaction levels of their clientele.
  • Consider Turnaround Time: Weigh the turnaround time proffered by the executive resume writing services. While securing a top-tier resume remains pivotal, factor in your unique timeline and sense of urgency. Ascertain that the service provider can meet your desired time frame without compromising the quality of the final resume.

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Executive Resume Writing Services – Buyer’s Guide

What Is Executive Resume Writing?

Executive resume writing is a specialized process that involves creating tailored resumes for high-level executives, including CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other top management positions. These resumes differ from standard ones in terms of content, format, and overall approach. The aim is to highlight the executive’s leadership skills, strategic vision, accomplishments, and unique value proposition to attract the attention of hiring managers and executive recruiters.

This process develops a powerful marketing tool that establishes credibility and captures the interest of decision-makers in the executive job market. By effectively showcasing their qualifications, executives can increase their chances of securing top-level job opportunities and advancing their careers.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Executive Resume Writer?

There are many advantages and benefits to hiring a professional resume writer when looking for top-level executive roles. Here are a few important factors to consider when thinking about engaging the services of an executive resume writer:

  • Expertise in Crafting Executive-Level Resumes: Seasoned professional executive resume writers possess specialized knowledge and prowess in fashioning resumes tailored explicitly for executive positions. They boast an in-depth understanding of the distinct requisites, industry norms, and prevailing trends governing executive-level job applications. This expertise empowers them to construct impactful resumes that resonate persuasively with discerning hiring managers and executive recruiters.
  • Strategic Positioning and Branding: Executive resume writers excel in the art of strategic positioning and personal branding for executives. They possess a knack for accentuating crucial leadership competencies, notable achievements, and industry acumen, meticulously weaving these elements into a compelling narrative that distinguishes executives from their peers. By spotlighting an executive’s unique value proposition, a professional writer elevates their professional brand, exponentially enhancing their prospects in a fiercely competitive job landscape.
  • Objective and Impartial Perspective: Professional resume writers provide an objective and impartial vantage point when evaluating an executive’s career accomplishments and qualifications. Their discerning eye can pinpoint and underscore pertinent achievements and competencies that executives might inadvertently overlook or undervalue. This external perspective constitutes a pivotal catalyst in elevating the resonance and efficacy of the resume.
  • Stay Updated With Industry Trends: Seasoned professionals remain vigilant in keeping pace with the ever-evolving trends and best practices within the realm of executive resume writing. They stay attuned to the dynamic expectations of discerning hiring professionals and recruiters in the executive job sphere. By enlisting the services of a professional, executives can tap into the writer’s keen insights, ensuring that their resume seamlessly aligns with contemporary industry benchmarks.

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Executive Resume Writing Services – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an Executive Resume Writing Cost?

If you’re aiming for a higher-level position like senior management or a C-suite role, it’s logical to seek out a seasoned resume writer. The cost of executive services typically falls within the range of $350 to $700.

How Many Pages Should an Executive Resume Be?

For executive positions, it’s recommended to have a resume that spans two pages. This allows sufficient room for executive candidates to showcase their pertinent experience and accomplishments throughout their careers.

What Is the Difference Between an Executive and a Professional Resume?

The professional resume is typically used by candidates who aren’t at the C-level or VP level. An executive resume is specifically designed for individuals aiming for positions in the C-suite. Apart from this crucial difference, there are significant variations in terms of writing style, content strategy, and personal branding.

Final Thoughts on Executive Resume Writing Services 

In the competitive world of executive job hunting, having a well-crafted resume can greatly impact your chances of success. 

The market is flooded with executive resume writing services that claim to offer the best results. However, there are a few standout services that truly understand the unique needs of senior-level professionals and provide personalized help. 

Super Star Resume, ZipJob, and TopResume are among these top-rated services that possess extensive industry knowledge and expertise in creating exceptional resumes. 

By investing in one of these reputable options, executives can maximize their potential and differentiate themselves from their competitors. This ultimately leads to greater opportunities for career advancement and growth.

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