Zainab Waseem

Zainab Waseem

Zainab Waseem is a writer & content creator. Specializing in the realms of art, business, & technology, she has written for various publications over her career. Zainab has a particular affinity with politics, economics, and art and adds value to the Art section at Writer’s Order.

Why Should You Use an Online Art Gallery

Overhead view of a woman's hands working on a laptop.

In the current world of perpetual hustle and bustle, when we barely have time to meet friends and family, devoting time to exploring art galleries has become quite the task. There are hundreds of art galleries filled with thousands of…

Different Types of Paintbrushes: A Detailed Guide

Closeup high-angle shot of paintbrushes in a cup placed on a green surface.

Standing there in the art supply store, amongst the sea of different types of paintbrushes, can be overwhelming, even for experienced artists who know what they are looking for. Whether you’re a beginner artist, just starting your painting journey, or…

How to Take Good Photos of Your Art on Mobile

Woman looking at her smartphone.

You start with an innovative artistic idea and take hours and hours working on it, ensuring every stroke on the resultant painting is just right and exactly how you planned it. The background, colors, and shadows come together beautifully to…

The Importance of Light in Art

A pencil or charcoal sketch of an eye.

Everything we see is light. Light, its nature, its physics, and its omnipresence make it the most important part of our world. There’s no doubt that light is the source of all life. But light is also crucial for how…