Ahad Waseem

Ahad Waseem

A professional wordsmith with a penchant for learning new things. Ahad is a business, blockchain, and cybersecurity writer who often takes on art, politics, and economics too. As a linguistic engineer who writes to solve problems, he’s written for various tech and business publications. When he’s not writing, he’s probably on horseback, caring for his houseplants, or training Bonsai trees. Want me to write for you? Get in touch with me via LinkedIn.

The Ultimate Guide to Become a Great Medical Writer

Guide to become a great medical writer

Medical writing is indeed a prestigious field. Be it producing peer-reviewed articles discussing clinical studies, promoting cutting-edge technologies, educating medical professionals and the general population about novel treatments, or submitting proposals to support creative research, their responsibilities and prospects are always…

Top 5 Jobs in Medical Writing

medical writing jobs

Ranked as an essential sector, health care has different aspects and job options. Individuals with a passion for writing and healthcare should consider pursuing medical writing as a career option. Medical writers create a wide range of content for the…