Ahad Waseem

Ahad Waseem

Ahad Waseem is a Pakistani writer, entrepreneur, investor, and content creator. He’s a business and technology expert and writes for a number of prestigious internet publications. Ahad holds a particular interest in politics, economics, and philanthropy and has been featured in Miami Herald, The Sun News, The State, Charlotte Observer, and the Centre Daily Times.

Color Theory – All You Need to Know

The entire rainbow of colors in vertical lines.

The color theory might qualify as the single most interesting, as well as indispensable, aspect of creating art. Let alone art, colors are one of the most fundamental parts of life itself. Color theory, in simple words, is the science…

12 Steps to Become a Successful Artist

A closeup of an artist's hand painting on a small canvas.

Although it may seem the opposite to most, art is one of the toughest professions. While several creative individuals can make stunning pieces, only a handful are lucky enough to become successful, professional artists. To become a full-time painter, you…

How to Clean Paintbrushes?

A close-up of used art paintbrushes in a vase.

Paintbrushes are not simply painting tools, they are wands you can create magic with! Perhaps the second most upsetting feeling you can experience as an artist is dirty paintbrushes, first not being able to paint a scene how you want.…

10 Hacks to Save Money as an Artist

10 hacks to save money as an artist

You need to make a hundred bad paintings before you make a good one. Better not run out of all the money you’ve got before making your 101st artwork. We all know that you need quality art supplies to produce…

How to Stretch Your Own Canvas

A set of blank canvases stacked against a wall.

From choosing the right canvas to learning how to stretch it over your stretcher bars accurately. This enlightening walkthrough about stretching your own canvas will inaugurate many new doorways for the common day-to-day artisan wanting that wee bit of extra…