Ahad Waseem

Ahad Waseem

Ahad Waseem is a Pakistani writer, entrepreneur, investor, and content creator. He’s a business and technology expert and writes for a number of prestigious internet publications. Ahad holds a particular interest in politics, economics, and philanthropy and has been featured in Miami Herald, The Sun News, The State, Charlotte Observer, and the Centre Daily Times.

Top 7 Executive Resume Writing Services

In today’s highly competitive job market, distinguishing yourself as an executive candidate goes beyond having an impressive track record and notable achievements. It requires a compelling and meticulously crafted resume that effectively showcases your professional journey, emphasizing your unique strengths…

How to Write an Upwork Proposal

Woman working on a laptop.

Submitting proposals on Upwork can be a challenging and time-consuming task for freelancers, especially when they don’t get hired. It can be disheartening to put in the effort and not receive any response from clients or worse, a rejection.  There…