Ahad Waseem

Ahad Waseem

Ahad Waseem is a Pakistani writer, entrepreneur, investor, and content creator. He’s a business and technology expert and writes for a number of prestigious internet publications. Ahad holds a particular interest in politics, economics, and philanthropy and has been featured in Miami Herald, The Sun News, The State, Charlotte Observer, and the Centre Daily Times.

How to Write an Upwork Proposal

Woman working on a laptop.

Submitting proposals on Upwork can be a challenging and time-consuming task for freelancers, especially when they don’t get hired. It can be disheartening to put in the effort and not receive any response from clients or worse, a rejection.  There…

How to Get Started With Digital Art

In this technological era, when we use smartphones to communicate and computers and laptops for emails and sending videos and photos only via social media, making art digitally has become essential. While you may think of a bit of paint…

9 Common Art Myths Busted

An image of an artist's easel and paintbrushes.

Art is a wonderful and diverse profession with branches extending way beyond a typical field. It includes some of the commonest career fields ranging from digital art, calligraphy, architecture, drawing, dance, motion picture, literature, painting, music, photography, sculpture, print-making, to…

How to Write Your Artist Statement

Closeup of a person's hands as they take notes on a paper.

Putting the visual work in phrases is indeed a challenging task for many artists and creators. From everything ranging from contracts to portfolios, prose seems like a necessary evil. But as arduous as it may seem, writing an artist statement…